Saturday, August 30, 2008


Carson rolled over today! I've been thinking he wasn't even close because he never even tries. Then today I put him on the ground while I made a shopping list and when I looked at him again he was on his tummy! So I missed it the first time! But I do have to say Blogging has made me much better at keeping up on the things my kids do. I couldn't tell you how old Matthew and Mckenzie were when they rolled over (sad, I know), maybe with Alyssa I have it written down somewhere because she was the first. I can't believe how big Carson already is! I swear I was just complaining about being so big and pregnant and it was taking soooooo long. And now my little chump is rolling!!! Crazy how time flies when your a parent. Here are pictures I took of Carson rolling over (none of them are staged, I snapped as he was doing it!) Enjoy!
Ok he's getting ready (now that he has done it, every time I lay him down he starts rolling to his side so I had to snap fast)
This is where he lounges for a minute while he gets his strength (it's tough work!)
TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!APPLAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

School's Back!!! Can I get a AMEN?!

I know you are all thinking the same thing! (It's the most wonderful time of the year!) I really do love my kids, but today was the greatest day.....they went back to school. I really am the SUPER MOM!!! I planned the morning perfectly...I got the kids up at 7:45am (after snoozing my alarm since 7am). I made them the breakfast of champions (Cookie Crisp for Alyssa and an Eggo for Matthew, I should get brownie points for making 2 different dishes!). School starts at 9am so we were out the door at 8:55am. I walked my kids to school! (from the car parked in front of the school of course! I'm not that crazy with 4 kids!) The Kids were so excited to go back to school (probably sick of being home with mean mom all summer). They were all for poses at the house!
Matthew striking a pose
Alyssa all stylin'
Outside the school they were ok for pictures until we started to see friends. I told them to let me take the pictures because I had to blog them! (Notice miss "Flash Dance" Mckenzie in the back)
Alyssa started getting a little impatient with me flashing the pictures (MOM!)
But Matthew let me take a few more!
Here is Alyssa telling me to hurry up so she can go (sniff sniff growing up so fast) Flash Dance had to join the photo, she was feeling a little left out with the pictures. (I could only get the 2 older ones ready that fast, she got herself ready, you're lucky she's wearing pants!)
OK now Matthew was starting to get sick of the pictures (more like embarrassed) I was the crazy mom with the camera. (I have to have pictures to blog)
He was so mad that I came in the classroom to take his picture while he was at his desk! Then I went dancing out of the room because I was down 2 kids for the day!!!!! They really did have a fun first day. Matthew said He liked eating lunch at school but the day was long. Alyssa was excited because she gets to do some detective thing for her class. It was a good day!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Giggles and Smiles!

Where has the time gone??? When I was pregnant, I knew this would happen. I wished my life away so that I could be comfortable again. Now Carson is already 3 months old!!! Alyssa is going into the 4th grade and Matthew in 1st. Mckenzie is going to start preschool. WOW!
Carson is so cute! He giggles and smiles all this time. We are having so much fun with him in our family and are so glad he is here.
These pictures are some of this first ones I have of him smiling and laughing. My sister Becky is good about getting out my camera and taking pictures when she is here.

Now that I'm not pregnant I wish my life would pause. I went and saw Mama Mia Last night (funny movie by the way!) and there is this song that when it first started I was like BORING, but then I started listening to the words and I was almost in tears. It talks about your child slipping through your fingers when they are growing up. Maybe it's just because I am a mom now but I thought of my own kids growing up and it made me sad and happy. I love my kids and am excited for the adventures ahead (only if they would stay this little, I am not looking forward to the teenage years!) I was one once!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Is it a Hobo Spider???

*******WARNING********* These are gross pictures if you don't like spiders!!!!!
I first need to explain why I even caught this spider in the first place. My friend called me and told me "you have to see this spider we caught it is huge!" So she brought it to me and I was like oh that's a wolf spider, I get those all the time bigger than that. I told her if I saw one I would catch it and shoe her (thinking Justin would be home to catch it). So I go down my stairs yesterday and my spidey sence kicked in and I knew there was one there. Sure enough this bad boy was there. I knew it as bigger than the one she caught so I got a cup and hurried and caught it. It was so gross! So I tried to call her to tell her to come see and could not get a hold of her. So I have this spider trapped on death row waiting to hear from her. When I finally showed her, her words were "Holy Crapola, that's bigger than a quarter!" So later that day I was walking up the stairs and there was another one!!! (I killed it with Justin's big tennis shoes on my feet) I was like "That's it! I'm calling the exterminator" Because there was one the night before on the floor crawling toward Carson. I am posting these pictures so that people don't think I am being sarcastic when I say I find HUGE spiders in my house. So why do I ask if it is a Hobo?????
The guy comes to spray my house today and I told him he had to see the picture of the spider I caught. He saw it and said "oh that looks like a Hobo" ARE YOU SERIOUS???!!! That grosses me out so bad! I have been looking all over the internet for pictures and there are some that look like it and others that don't. So tell me if you think it is a Hobo spider or a Wolf spider or another one. Either way they will all be dead soon enough!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It Finally Came!!!

Ok, so it actually came last week but I have been busy with other things! Our Christmas in July present, Our Wii! We are so excited. The kids love it. Alyssa called me on my cell phone when I was working out in tears. I thought something was wrong. She said "Mom?" (crying) Me: "Are you ok Alyssa? What is wrong?!" Alyssa: "sniff, sniff, guess what came? The Wii!!!!!!"
It was pretty funny. We were trying to wait to find one until closer to Christmas (we realized we were crazy) You still cannot find these things very easy, it's insane. (I am still looking for a Wii fit) So we finally found a bundle on I jumped on it right when I saw it. I felt threatened! We got to pick 4 games of our choice from a list and we got 3 other games that came with the system. The funniest was today when Alyssa was talking to me about one of the games (super smash brothers). We weren't sure if we wanted to keep this game yet, so we haven't opened it yet. So Alyssa has been trying to get us to take that game back so we won't get rid of the Hannah Montana game (another one we are trying to decide on). Today she tells me, "Mom I know that no one likes this game but I figured out that people only play it because it is addicting, they still hate it but it is just so addicting. I was playing it at Travis's (her cousin) house and I thought I hate this game but I am so addicted to it!" I couldn't help but laugh. I think we will keep that game because it is so addicting! I will post some pictures of everyone playing the wii ASAP.