Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Fun Crazy Summer.....

We have had a very busy summer. Here is a few of the things that have been going on!
River Rafting
We went rafting at the end of July in Vernal down the Green river. We have done this trip before and missed everyone that couldn't come. We had a lot of fun. This time we had to wear our cute little helmets to keep our melons safe. (last time we didn't have to) It was still fun. We were going to drive down really early Sat morning, but Our friend Dave's sister was nice enough to let us all stay in their beautiful home. We got there around 9:30pm and she got a bunch of food out for us and we just sat around for about an hour and talked. I wasn't able to get more picture because I couldn't take my digital on the river unless I wanted it in the bottom.

Matthew's Birthday


We went to Lagoon in the beginning of June for Mike's work Lagoon day. It was a lot of fun. Mckenzie was bummed that she couldn't ride the big rides. She can ride all the big ones at Disneyland but is just about 2 inches to short for the rides here. So I was the lucky one to walk around kiddie land with her while everyone else went on all the big rides. It was nice to spend time with her.

EEEEWWWW he was trying to lick the pole!

Selling Our House
In all the rush of summer we decided to put our house up for sale. We found a home that is in a circle and closer to friends for our kids. We felt like it was a good time to do it. We haven't sold it yet but our hoping. My friend Tamara came and staged. She did an AWESOME job. Thanks Tam! If anyone knows someone that is looking let me know :) Here are some pics of what Tamara did.


In July we went to our old ward's camp out. It was lots of fun. Carson did really good. He was pretty unsteady on his feet around the fire and that scared me. But other than that he loved it. We hiked up to Donut Falls. I have never been there so that we cool. The day that we headed up to the campground it was POURING. We were on the freeway and it looked like someone was standing over us with a huge bucket dumping it on us. I couldn't help but laugh. I don't know why it was striking me so funny. The freeway was almost at a complete stand still while we drove though the LAKE that had formed. There was a guy on a motorcycle that was taking the whole situation very well. He was finally able to get to an exit and just waved at everyone. It was pretty funny. So when we got up to the campground it wasn't raining YET, so we hurried and unpacked the tent and while we were setting it up, it started raining. It got wet inside but luckily none of our stuff was in there yet. It rained pretty much the rest of the evening but cleared up for the next day so we were able to have some fun. The kids had a lot of fun. Our friend Hollie was in charge of all the activities and did an awesome job (Cassidy helped her a lot too :) ). They loved the games.

4th of July

For the 4th we went to Justin's Parents house. It was fun. The kids played on the Slip'n'slide and played basketball. Later we had the sidewalk of fire with all the fireworks!

This is Rachel. Barbara and John's little girl. She was so cute I had to put this picture on!

Carson loved playing with the basketball. He would not let go of it. We had to give him a flat one so that the others could play.

So now school will be starting in a week and everything will go to homework crazy!!! Thanks if you have read this far. Sorry this was such a long update :)

Here is a little clip of Alyssa's Piano Recital :)
She is more advanced than this and was kind of embarrassed because the song was so EASY, but she has to pass off the first stuff.