Monday, September 28, 2009

Vacation Day 2! Medieval Times

So after we split up or drive by staying in Vegas, we got up and drove to Newport. It was nice to split up the drive, sometimes it's good to drive straight through and get it over with, but this was nice. When we got to Newport, we unloaded and walked over to the beach for a min. We couldn't stay too long because we had reservations at Medieval Times. I told the kids not to get sandy because we had to leave but that still didn't happen. We still had to hose off their feet and wipe off their clothes. Once we were all sand free it was off to MEDIEVALLLLLLLL TIMEEEESSSSS (that's how the announcer says it there) :)
It was a long time to wait in the foyer. The kids were starving and we were told to be there an hour before dinner. It sounded like if we weren't then we would be sorry. I think we would have been fine, but oh well. Then they finally seated us. We got the Yellow knight. He was the only knight with a beard, the only MAN.
Alyssa watching the show.
Matthew and Mckenzie
Carson had fun too.
Here is where they were getting ready to joust.
Our cool knight after winning the red and yellow knight.
Backwards pictures, here is our knight fighting the red and yellow knight. Our Knight didn't end up winning the whole thing. The red knight won. It was a fun night. I think next time we will try the Pirate dinner across the street. I heard they have appetizers in the foyer before the show :)
Oh and I forgot our picture in front of the M&M car in Vegas, how could I forget that??? Stay tuned for more vacation :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our Vacation (Day 1)

We had the opportunity to go again with our friends to Newport beach during Labor Day week. We had so much fun and are glad to have them as our friends. We drove to Vegas on Sat morning at 5am. We go into Vegas about 11am and stopped at the race way. We watched people that were doing ride alongs and driving the cars themselves. It was pretty cool to see. I can't imagine how it would be to be at a live race. So they had this car to take pictures in and Justin had to be first :)
Alyssa had to hold Carson because he was so small that you couldn't see his face.
Matthew would not get in the car. I don't know why.
See you can barley see Mckenzie sticking out of the car.
Next we went to the strip. Ah the strip, never again with my kids! It was so crazy and I was stressed the whole time about where they were. You could barley move in the stores, not to mention I had a stroller. Yeah not a stroller friendly area. I guess I should have known that but oh well at least we did it :) So of course Mckenzie wanted to see the coke bear and then was scared of him after she BEGGED to get a picture with him.
Then on to the M & M store. It was so packed. I have never been there before so I didn't know. My kids were looking for something to buy with there own money and it was funny because they would look and say this is too expensive! This is a rip off! It's funny when it's their money.
Of course in the most crowded store Carson would not stay in his stroller. So now we are trying to keep track of a 1 year old and drag a stroller around that doesn't fit through anything.
Here we are standing above...oh whatever it is a background
Last but not least...Boys by the Blue, Girls by the Green :) Stay tuned for more Vacation!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wake Boarding

Some friends our ours took us Wake Boarding the last weekend in August. We had a blast. We went to Utah Lake in a part that was called "mud lake" and it was muddy. It was only about 5 feet deep or less and when you stood, you stood in "spa like" mud. My feet loved it! Alyssa and Matthew both tried the wake board. Matthew got up but was going in a squatting position because he wouldn't stand up straight. Alyssa got up for a sec and then fell. She waited awhile and tried again a little later. I posted a video at the bottom of how AWESOME she did!!
Here's me after falling
We got to get in a swim around for a little bit.

See how nice and pretty the water was :)
Here I am being AWESOME :)
Carson didn't like the life jacket so much
Mckenzie laying down on the floor of the boat. This picture should be flipped.
More swimming in the mucky water
Here is Matthew trying to Wake board. This is after he fell.
Alyssa waiting to be picked up after falling
Justin hanging out in the water
Carson crashed and slept underneath the driver seat for about 2 hours! The kids loved hanging out on the lake. Here is a video of Alyssa after she got the hang of wake boarding.