Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boulder Mountain Camping

Labor Day weekend we were invited to go to the Boulders with my Dad's family. We had a lot of fun! It was a short trip but the kids love camping. Me and my sister Becky took the 4 hour drive with us and 4 kids. Matthew and Justin were at the BYU game and were going to join us later. Here are the kids while we were driving. Don't they look excited, well Saphira does in the back :)
Alyssa went for a ride on the 4-wheeler with my Uncle Scott and was able to get some pictures with scenery it it :)
It was so pretty, I forgot to take my camera out for a lot of it. I regret that.
Alyssa by the Boulders :)
Kim took Matthew for a ride. He loved it. She took him up to the boulders and he was able to stack the rocks, they stay stacked, it is weird.
Alyssa again by some scenery

At the campground
Mckenzie. She got burned on the last night. There was a pit that had coals in it for the dutch oven and me being the good mom I am, had her in flip flops and she walked right in it. Luckily we had some EMT's there :) But when we got home we could see that the part that was really bad was never treated because no one could see it in the dark. It is healing now but probably would look at little better if we would have seen it sooner.
Carson eating some yummy chocolate cookies
Mckenzie getting her helmet on to go on the 4-wheeler. She loved it. All of the kids did!
Justin and Alyssa
Carson wanted to drive it :)
Carson by the mini lake. It was swampy and just for fishing.
My Cousin Jesse's twins
Matthew was sooooo excited to shoot the guns!
Zach helped him get everything going :)
I don't think you can see very well but there are like 20 little frogs in this picture that all the kids caught. Then when we were ready to go back to camp they released them.
Oh My! You can tell we were camping! Look at that messy face. No point in cleaning it off :)
What a Ham!
Carson and Mckenzie loved these Twins! They were so cute.
Campfire time!
Carson wanted to roast a marshmallow. :) We had a lot of fun for the short time we were there and are excited to go more!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grandparent's Day

Alyssa and Matthew had Grandparents day this year. Grandpa Barker hasn't been to any so we invited him this year! He had surgery on his back in July so it was kind of hard for him to get around and actually play with the kids on the playground :)
Alyssa with Grandpa Barker
Matthew and Grandpa Barker. Matthew got to be pulled out of class so they could all eat together. Normally the 3rd graders were later.
Alyssa had to show Grandpa a rock she found on the ground...She's a little crazy :)
Waiting for lunch to start
Matthew was trying to give him bunny ears but was chickening out :)
Then Grandpa caught him but Matthew tried to deny it
Eating lunch. It was a good BBQ.
Almost done eating
Getting ready to dump the trays
They insisted I get in this picture even though I told them I wasn't a grandparent :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dance Recital

Since I am catching up on my pictures for Blogging, I might as well add in the Dance recital from June. :) Alyssa didn't want me to post this picture, but guess what? they are my pictures HA HA! Alyssa and my nieces Alex and Abby all took a hip hop class together. Alyssa is actually really good at it.
All three of them being cool for the picture :) Alex on the left, Abby in the middle and Alyssa on the right.
Alyssa, she still won't smile with her teeth because of her braces. She gets them off next week! ALLELUIA!
Alyssa and her friend Brittney. See that goofy smile :)
Abby...her dad never brought his camera, what a bad dad! :)
Alex, she is too cool for this picture.
Mckenzie took a tap/ballet class. She did her dance to "The Locomotion" It was was cute. Here she is with her friend Madi.
Here they are again, but Madi's cousin wanted to be in the picture too :)
Mckenzie showing some attitude!
Too cute dancers!
Matthew and Mckenzie. He is sporting his Mohawk from the summer.
Alyssa, Claire and Mckenzie
Mckenzie and her other friend Madison
Mckenzie holding Carson. It was a long night but a lot of fun!