Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beauty School Drop Out

Where did March go?? Oh maybe it got cut off with my Mckenzie's HAIR!! I have been home from Hawaii for 1 week trying to find time to blog about it and Mckenzie gives me something else to blog about first. She decided while I was getting my hair done that she would be her own barber.
She had a ponytail in and by the looks of if started taking out sides and cutting, leaving the oh so loved Mullet (Business up front, party in the back) or maybe she was going for the tail look, you know when boys (not mine) grown their hair out long and then cut everything but a tail.

She walked out to where we were doing my hair and grabbed the back of her hair, which came out in her hands, and said "mom, my hair is falling out!" At first I didn't know what she was talking about. Then I saw it! I didn't know how to react. My friend's sister was there doing my hair, Do I beat the child to a bloody pulp in front of witnesses?? I think I was more shocked, I didn't feel like I could yell either. I asked her were the scissors were, she just kept saying, "I didn't cut my hair" LITTLE LIAR!! I wanted to yell. "yes you did, now show me where the scissors are" She finally showed me and they were on the piano. But no hair around. I started walking around the house trying to find "the hair" on the way finding pieces in a trail. I went in her room and saw a little more by the bottom off her bed. Then I lifted up the bed skirt and there it was...........................

This is the pile I found spread out under her bed.

So luckily since I was getting my hair cut there was already someone there to fix it.

Here is the back after the first snips.

This just shows how short some of the pieces are that are sticking out of the already short hair.

Melissa did a really good job fixing it. It really is cute. I have been on the fence about cutting her hair like this and she just pushed me over.

All done!
Now I can post our Hawaii trip!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

LESSON#235154...nothing you post is dumb!

When I posted my last post, I thought maybe it was dumb because how would any of the blogging world find my dog?? But about 2 hours after I posted it, my friend Kim (who lives up the street) saw my blog and had found my dog. They didn't know it was our dog because they had never seen her. There is a horse pasture at the end of my street that her parents own and she lives in the house right next to them. I guess Dakota went to the field and was trying to get their goats. They had 4 goats killed last year by dogs (not mine) and so they caught her and put her their old dog run (YEAH she stayed in it all night and never got out!!!!! Why can't she stay in ours?). They checked up the road but didn't think to come down toward the houses. Then Kim go on to her blog and saw my post. She commented but I didn't check my blog before we left. She called my friend and asked her about my dog and my friend told her it was mine. Now we have her back! I will never think anything I post again is worthless! Thanks KIM & FAMILY!

I never thought I'd post this....

***LOST DOG***
Dakota is missing. Those of you that know me know that my dog an I have a love/hate relationship. I HATE this dog...but yet since she's been missing, I've been obsessed with finding her. I am worried sick! We noticed she was missing about 4pm yesterday, but Alyssa said she ran out the door when a lady came to pick something up at 1pm. So she has almost been gone 24 hours. I drove the neighborhoods last night calling and whistling for her. I finally drove down the busy road to check the sides of the street.
This dog has been the biggest pain and also the best thing for our family.
She tears things up if you leave her in the house (separation anxiety). She won't go in a dog house/run if you put a juicy steak in there. She would rather sit in pouring rain/blizzards then go into shelter. She ripped apart my mom's bathroom (see earlier post). She broke out of a dog carrier, the door was pushed diagonal against the wall (wish I would have taken a picture) and we had to take it apart to get the door back on and it wasn't even bent!
We built a dog run for her and she gets out of that thing within 5 seconds of putting her in. She has dug holes in my yard. She has ruined my grass. We have had her on a lead since she won't stay in the dog run and she pulls and pulls until her collar slips off then just sits on the porch to wait for us to come home. We finally had to tighten her collar next to choking level to keep it on her. Before we tightened it she would go into the open dog run and jump over the top, basically hanging herself so that she could slip out of the collar. That was before she figured out she could just pull.
But then there are the times when she just comes to you and wants to make you feel better when you are sad. She is so good with my kids and they love her. She loves the baby, always trying to lick him, even though I stop her, Carson loves it. It was so weird to lock up the house last night and not have her there. It feels different. I never thought I would ever feel this way about her. I would always joke about how maybe she would run away and then we wouldn't have to deal with her issues anymore. But I know something else happened because really this dog would not run away. And I say this because one time when she got out of her dog run, she tried to chew her way into the house by chewing the rubber at the bottom of the garage door! What dog tires to get in the house? I thought they want to get out.
If anyone sees her, please let me know. We miss her!