Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Party Time!!


Alyssa is like most little girls, she LOVES Hannah Montana. She wanted a Hannah Montana birthday party. We decorated the family room with all her stuff. (I bought some stuff too.) I asked her what she wanted to do at the party and she said, "pin the wig on Hannah". We were going to do that until the day of and I was running out of time. So we played Pin the zit on Hannah. We also made boondoggles? however you say that. That was probably not the best idea. It took me forever to start every one's. I don't know what I was thinking when I thought that they could all start them with just me showing them! They still had fun.
My talented friend Kiley, made this cake for Alyssa. THANKS KILEY!! She did an awesome job and all the girls thought it was so cool! I didn't want to cut it up because it looked go good.

Singing Happy Birthday!!

It's sad, Alyssa doesn't like me to take her picture anymore! She gets embarrassed.

Opening presents!

Here's how I decorated the room.

And another view! The party was lots of fun. Thanks to everyone that came!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Alyssa got braces put on yesterday. She is not very excited about it. I went to check her out of school and she said that her stomach started feeling funny when they called her. I told her it was just her nerves. When we got there, they took us back, (it's cool, I have never been to an orthodontist before, they let you sit and watch everything!) They got Alyssa ready to put the brackets on. She told me before we went that she was not going to choose a color, that she wanted everything to be clear. I told her that the brackets would be silver so not all of it would be clear. She didn't like that response very much. So they handed her the color pallet and asked what color she wanted....She chose Teal, she said, "I chose that color because it is the closest color to ice blue, my favorite color"
She would not let me take any pictures of her. I begged and she said, "ok, but don't put them on your little blog!" So I didn't take any so that I could respect her and not put it on here, it would be tempting if I had pics. So after she gets them on, we were making her next appt, and she is complaining about pressure on her front tooth. We asked the Dr. and he said it was normal. So while we were driving home, she goes, "Something just popped!!!!, I felt it!" she moved her lips up and down, so I just thought it felt weird to her and so she was being drama. So I told her she would get used to the feeling. So we keep driving and she says, "now I'm going to be more shy, and never talk and I'm not going to play with my friends" I said, " you are being silly and if you keep saying that I will not get you an ice cream". I'm mean. She changed her attitude and we got her a brownie earthquake from Dairy Queen (probably not the best thing with braces!! There wasn't any caramel) She is starting to do better now. I am hoping that she will let me take pictures soon. When she does I will post them. She looks cute.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Bithrday Alyssa!

Alyssa is officially the BIG 10! I put together this
slideshow to show how she has grown through the years.
She has had so pretty fun moments. The top 10 reasons
1. She has so much drama, it makes you laugh!
2. She is always trying to make us smile
3. She is such a good sister
4. She is a very good artist
5. She has a strong testimony
6. She is a good dancer
7. She always has a fun story to tell
8. With how fun she is, she still manages to get BORED!
9. She has pretty hair
and 10. She is OUR daughter!
We love you!! Happy Birthday!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Decade Goes By Fast....

Alyssa turns 10 on Sunday, 10! A whole decade ago she was born. I can't believe it has gone by so fast!!! I have 10 years worth of pictures that I had to go through for this post and I still couldn't put everything I wanted on. We are so blessed to have Alyssa in our lives. She is a good student and a wonderful big sister that helps out with the baby all the time, I don't know what I would do sometimes without her there to help me hold him when I am trying to get dinner ready or clean up.

I am trying to add a slide show in here so I hope it works. If not I will just post it by itself.


Alyssa is a pretty funny kid! She loves to make us laugh. She likes to dance, and has started piano lessons. She likes to draw and read. When I was going through all the pictures, I was remembering some of the things she used to do, like the one where she got into the Halloween make-up when she was supposed to be in bed. I was mad but I snapped a picture first so that I would laugh at it later and I did laugh when I saw it. I am glad that I thought to pull out my camera. I'm still not that good at pulling it out. We love you Alyssa!! Happy Birthday!

Monday, February 2, 2009

BoUnCiNg OfF tHe WaLLs!!!

Last Wednesday my friend Kiley asked me if I wanted to go to a place called bouncing off the walls. I had never heard of it before. I think it must be a place people like to keep a secret because it was so cool. On Wednesdays your child can get in for $5 between 10am-1pm and bounce their little heart out! AND the parents can get on the bounce houses with their kids and DON'T have to pay! So for $5 I was able to take Mckenzie and Carson for some good old bouncing fun.
They have this HUGE slide that is so slippery. It was Mckenzie's favorite part.

This slide was so steep. The funny thing is that you come to the bottom and hit right into a inflated wall.

Mckenzie was trying to get on and couldn't. I told her to run and jump, it was pretty funny to watch, but she eventually made it on.

Here comes Kiley down the steep slide. You can see that you hit right into the wall!

I think Mckenzie went down this slide 100+ times. She loved it so much.

Sliding again. I have no idea who those people are!

Kiley's little boy Ryan would do a victory dance after he went down this slide. It was Hilarious!

I took Carson down the slide and when I say it is slippery, I'm serious. I couldn't control us, that's why we are sideways.

Mckenize wanted to go down with me but was yelling for me to let go of her hand after we pushed off.

There's Ryan playing basketball!

Mckenzie and Carson. He really didn't know what to think.

What's up?!

Once he realized he could crawl on it, he had more fun.

Carson and me ready to go after a long time of bouncing!