Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Matthew's Baseball

I started looking back to the last few posts and realized it looks like I have a Mckenzie blog! Not that I don't love her, but I thought my other kids might want some of them on here :) I have been so busy this summer that I have hardly had any time to blog. So these pictures are back from June when Matthew was playing on the peewee league. Justin coached this year and they had a lot of fun. Matthew played on the Diamond Backs and he really improved this year. I was really proud of him for learning so much.
He was trying to go get the ground ball but the pitcher looks like he is beating him to it.
Up to bat. For the first part of the season and little into the end, he didn't want to swing. Justin took him in our backyard to practice thinking he couldn't hit and he hit almost every ball Justin would pitch to him! We figured he was just getting stage fright. He did swing a little more when we told him he could do it.
He is so excited to play again next year. I will never understand why they end the season so early! It finally starts to warm up and stops raining for the games and then they are done!
My Little D-Back!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Today my baby girl went to Kindergarten. There were no tears! Maybe I am a bad Mom for not crying. Kenzie was so excited. All morning she kept asking me, "is it time?"
Carson had to get in the picture with her. I got the one before with just her by pulling him out, he was about to fall over crying and then I let him back in and he was all smiles!
Ready to go!
Out in front of the school, she couldn't wait to get inside.
It all changed when we got in the school. She went from being all smiles and excited to shy and nervous.
Sitting at her table. How Cute!
She would not smile for the pictures anymore.
Coloring the fish. I heard one of the boys asking, why are we coloring fish, it made me laugh for some reason.
She kind of smiled with the picture with her teacher.
After school, everything was all better. She said they got to tour the school!
Matthew was excited for her to go to. Look he really does love her!