Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What the.........

Ever have one of those days when you just want to say "What the......" and you can't say anymore???? Yeah, that was this day. Some people think that I am mean when I say I don't want my dog. Well maybe these pictures will show you why. While we were in California, my do stayed with my mom. Well my step dad decided to put her in the bathroom one day while he left because it was snowing and cold and he felt bad for her. Well I bet he really felt bad for her when he saw the bathroom.
So here, she tries to get out. She gnawed away the baseboard. (she cannot be confined, this dog is Houdini). Then she thought, "that's not working.....

....maybe I should try getting out through the SHEETROCK!!!" So she went to the other side of the door and proceeded to rip through the Sheetrock. I still have no words.

Here is a full image of the door after she ripped off the molding and dug through the Sheetrock.

I tried to get her to look at the camera so she could pose in front of her masterpiece. (She wouldn't look me in the eye! I wouldn't either)

Nope still not looking. It's like when a kid plugs their ears and says "I'm not listening!"

She now looks at her job to admire it. It's times like these that I LOVE MY DOG!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


The Happiest Place on Earth!

I should explain this picture. Matthew was not very happy that he had to go on the Nemo ride. So I snapped this picture of him in line to show him what he looked like. Then he ended up likeing the ride! So we teased about this picture, Saying he was in the Happiest place on Earth! We made it!!! The drive down to California went awesome. We left on Saturday morning at 2am. We arrived in Newport at about 2pm. The beach house was great. Saturday we just kind of relaxed, went to the store for food and went over to the beach for a little bit (it was pretty cold that first night). Sunday was our Beach Day! We packed up the wagon (the house had everything we needed from chairs to beach toys!), and walked across the street to the beach. It was really fun. I was a little (Justin would probably say a lot) freaked out when the kids went into the ocean. They were scaring me!! Matthew had a wave crash over his head 2 times! I can't handle that. I had to have Justin stay by the water with them. It was nice to just have a relaxing day before Disneyland.

Monday was the big day for everyone. Disneyland! It was really nice there, the crowds were pretty good considering in was Columbus Day and for some reason California gets that day off, school and government (Maybe Columbus came to California first!!!j/k). The girls went and got thier hair done at Libby Lu's. It was way cute! The kids wanted to go on all the big rides, even Mckenzie went on them. The only rides she didn't go on was Indiana Jones and Screamin' because she was too short. Justin got a kick out of her on Big Thunder Railroad, they reached the top and her hands went right up in the air, he started laughing because he wasn't even putting his arms up. She is our little Dare Devil! Tuesday and Wendnesday we finished up Disneyland and California Adventure.

Thursday our friends all wen to Sea World and we had another Beach Day as a family. It was nice to relax again after Disneyland. The kids found so many shells, and tried out the boogie board (only in the ankel deep water because of thier sico mom). That night we just decided to drive and find somewhere to eat, we ended up eating at In & Out Burger.

Friday we had to leave the Beach house. So our friends and us drove out to Hollywood and tried the Hotdog stand Pink's. It was pretty good for a hotdog stand. We got some pictures of the Hollywood sign from far back. Then we decided to get out of L.A. before traffice started. So we left at 2:30pm, BIG MISTAKE! I guess traffic begins at noon there! It took us 5 yeah 5 hours to get from L.A. to Primm NV. It was not very fun. So when we finally got to Primm we stayed the night. The next morning we got up and went to Buffalo Bills to ride the roller coaster and the other rides. Then we drove the rest of the way home. Carson did so well on the drive down but the ride home was horrible. I don't think he will ride in his car seat for a while. There were so may pictures that I just made a slide show. Hope you all enjoy! I don't know how to add the slide show to my post, so it is above this post. If anyone knows how to put it with the post, please let me know. Thanks!

Friday, October 10, 2008

And...We're off!!!

We are leaving for California! We were given a great opportunity to stay at a beach house with some friends on a 12 day notice. Justin is not a spontaneous person, but we couldn't pass up the deal! Our friends approached us last week and asked us if we would want to stay at a beach house on Newport beach for $100 a night. And that is split between 4 families! So we are staying for $25 a night. We decided that while we are out there we might as well go to Disneyland. So We are leaving at 2 in the morning and I am up still getting things ready at 10:30pm. I will post our pictures when we get back! Wish me luck, I have never made this drive before with my own kids!!!!