Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coloring Eggs and a Hunt

Oh the adventure of coloring Easter eggs! So I was alone with 6 kids and dye and I didn't have time to clean up the house (sorry for the mess in the background! How embarrassing!) it was quite stressful letting the kids do this themselves while I sat back hoping no one would dye anything but the eggs. I had my 4 kids and my 2 nieces. But we did end up having fun and in the end there were no dying accidents :)

The funny thing about dying eggs is how 6 kids will all dye one egg the same color and then after they are dry, they will fight over whose blue egg is whose! THEY ARE ALL BLUE!

Carson wanted to do it by himself, but I was able to convince him to let Alyssa help him. I don't know what I was thinking putting him in a white shirt! I guess maybe because you can bleach it.

Matthew's pink egg, or maybe it's Mckenzie's, no Alyssa's, wait they all did pink eggs :)

I got the kit that has glitter with it. They are really pretty but very messy. And when you have a really bright egg it dulls it because you have to put it in glue stuff which kind of washes off the color so you don't get a bright sparkle egg :(

Mckenzie was very careful.

All done! Look how pretty!

All the kids after finding their Easter baskets.

Carson couldn't wait, he just dug right into the candy!

Happy to get pink.

I can't wait until she gets her braces off so she can show her pretty smile again.

Matthew my man!

Mckenzie & her cousin Colton

Carson scored on all the yummy finds!

I think she was a little nervous that she wouldn't find anything :)

Matthew on the hunt, bound and determined!

Not sure what to do next :)

My kids still out looking :)

Now she is happy!

How cute!

Candy mess all over his face!

Most of the Grand kids on Justin's side (missing 6) except Jen in the front is not a grand kid, she is a mom :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Easter (clothes)

I LOVE getting the cute Easter clothes to wear to church on Easter Sunday. This year Easter fell on General Conference so we wore our Easter clothes a week early to church :) Alyssa looks oh so happy!

Alyssa (still happy as a clown)



Matthew and Carson ( Love this picture!)

Mckenzie and Alyssa (how cute!)
Thanks for looking at our fashion show:)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Alyssa's Birthday (3 months later)

Since I haven't updated for so long, I guess I need to start with where my pictures ended :) Alyssa turned 11 this year....11!!! Wow, I guess I can officially say, I'm old! I cannot believe she is almost in 6th grade. She is growing up so fast. So her thing this year, since before Christmas has been that she wants a cell phone. I was totally against it! She asked for one for Christmas and was so bummed when I told her not to count on it. So continuing on....Here she is with her friends getting ready to east ice cream cake. Instead of having cake and ice cream, she decided she wanted ice cream cake. Kill two birds with one stone right? She gets so embarrassed and covers her mouth like that whenever she does.

The girls thought it would be fun to shove the cake in their faces. But they didn't realize it would stain their face :)

Alyssa has been asking for a lava lamp too. Her friend Avery got her one! She was so happy. Ok for the next picture, remember the story at the beginning.........

I got her a cell phone! I am such a rock star mom!! I can't believe I did it still. And by the way, this picture is staged. She knew the day before that she was getting one :) (notice the stain on her nose from the frosting) She has been really good with the phone. It has been nice to be able to call her instead of walking down to her room :) j/k But really it has been nice to be able to get a hold of her after school and know where she is. She has been such a good helper for me. She helps me out all the time. I love this girl so much!!