Sunday, October 31, 2010

Poor Carson

About a week and a half ago 10/20/10, Carson got his pinky smashed in the door. It was so sad! Half the nail came out and we had to go to insta care because it looked so bad I didn't dare to touch it. It was not broke, but they did x-ray for that. They ended up putting the nail back into place and wrapping it for 7 days so that the new nail would grow the same way. He finally lost the nail today. It was so sad. But he was a little trooper through the whole thing. He had to go medicine because it was starting to get an infection. Everything is good now :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Toon Town Time!

Since we went to Disneyland for 3 days, I thought I better split up the posts a little. On the last day we went over to Toon Town. My kids love to come here and take pictures by all the cute cartoon looking things. Abby, Clair and Alex are at the toon post office.
Kenzie and Cierra in jail :)
The fish gas pumps.
That is a lot of people to fit in to a one seat car!
Glad I wasn't sleeping on this bed! Ow!
Justin was so excited to take Carson over to toon town and he fell asleep on the walk over. So this is how he looked the whole time. I like how he is folding his arms, because he went to sleep mad.
Kenzie and Cierra in Minnie's Kitchen.
What's for lunch Minnie?
Clarie was a good driver for the trolly.
Then Abby got behind the wheel and she was CRAZY!
This is where we were going to put Mckenzie if she didn't stop talking! j/k :)
What Weaklings! :)
Perfect, right where we should have kept them while we went on rides :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Universal Studios

So the storm I talked about the wind blowing in started this day. It was weird because it misted all day, not rain, just mist. You could not see the Hollywood hills around us. It was misting so much that I was hardly able to get out my camera because it would get wet with mist. I swear I took a picture out in front of the big globe in front of Universal Studios! Oh well. We got a few pictures this day.
Justin and Troy were our stroller/wheelchair pushers. They had to put the strollers in the pictures. Look at Carson's face in the stroller. It cracks me up. He was waving and all excited, but when we got up close he freaked out.
Dora the Explorer!
I think this was in a different spot when I came years ago!
Why didn't he continue to eat? :) j/k
Nothing like a wholesome Simpson town! It was starting to mist so bad at this point that we had to buy ponchos. It would just bead up on surfaces and get you really wet.
Ahhhh the highlight of our day! The tour. I am not kidding when I say that from starting waiting in line until the end of the ride was 2 1/2 hours long!!! Yeah I guess that the misting was causing the tour buses to have some troubles coming up the hills, so since we were kind of covered, we took pictures of the line! The sad part was that Justin's dad couldn't go on this one with his back since it has an earth quake part so he was waiting at the end for us the whole time in his wheelchair!
We ate all of our snacks that we brought with us in the line.
I would not recommend standing in this line for more than 30mins. It is cool but not 2 hours cool!
More waiting :)
But we got these cool 3-D glasses for part of the tour. It was the coolest part. You went into this building and it is a 360 degree 3-D show of King Kong! And the whole tram moves while the monkey and dinosaur are fighting. We really were in Gorillas in the Mist, with all the misting :)
Carson being entertained while waiting more.
Finally on the tour bus!
Ready to roll!
Cool special effects that they showed us.
This was creepy. This guy was walking around all weird and then brought out a body and then ran toward us. This was where they filmed Sico I guess.
And last but not least, the scene from War of the Worlds. Now you have the tour and don't need to stand in line :)

The Beach!

Sunday was our Beach day! We had a blast! It was windy because it was blowing in a storm, but still fun. Everyone had fun trying out the boogie boards.
More boogie boarding!
Matthew and Alex enjoying the rays.
Doesn't that look relaxing?
We dug a big hole for the kids to play in. Carson and Kaden loved it.
We tried to make stairs, but that didn't work out too good :)
Alyssa, Abby and Claire all found a bunch of sand crabs. You can't see them in the pictures since they are the same color.
They made them little houses with the buckets.
Carson's footprint :)
These pictures are from Saturday. When we got into town, the beach house wasn't ready yet, so we went over to the beach. I told the kids just to look at the water. That was a big mistake. Mckenzie pretty much swam :)
Carson and Cierra
Carson after running from some waves.
Everyone running from the waves. I love this picture! The kids all looking out over the ocean. And no this is not staged. :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Goofy's Kitchen

On Sunday morning we had reservations for Goofy's Kitchen at 7:20am. Why 7:20am you ask? because that is the only time they had for a party of 16! Once we were there I saw that they really could have made it for more like 8am. Oh well, the kids were just really tired. They had a lot of fun. I decided that when you have a group that large it is really hard to get good pictures.

Baloo came around and said HI. Carson, Kaden & Cierra were all excited to see him until he came to close, and then they would cry. It was funny because they would cry and then we the character would step back they would be normal and say hi again.

Kaden and Carson enjoying some off the It was really cool, they had all sorts of varities to choose from. I wish I would have taken some pics, but I didn't so go look online and you can see pics there :)

mmmmmm Ice cream for breakfast! This really is the happiest place on Earth!

There's Carson again saying you are getting too close to me!

Goofy stopped by too.

This is Carson with Goofy at a good distance. He was really excited then Goofy gets to close and he screams, once he walked away back to this smiling face.

I think they may be stuffed!

Now for the poses with the Characters

Goofy, Alyssa & Matthew

Baloo, Matthew & Mckenzie

Baloo, Alex, Abby & Alyssa. They seemed like they were hitting the awkward stage where they are not too sure they want pictures with the characters, then they went a bought autograph books for the characters for Disneyland. Hmmm

Justin and Mike got in on the fun!

Awwww Mulan & Mckenzie

As you can see, Carson was not afraid of Mulan, he sat right down on the floor for a picture with her, she had to get on the floor by him :)

Goodbye hug!

The Ham Mckenzie and Goofy

Carson, Me & Goofy. We were too close but Carson did ok because I was with him.

Alyssa, Goofy, Mckenzie, Kaden & Grandma. Kaden was a little too close for comfort too.

Chip with Alyssa, Alex, Claire, Mckenzie, Abby & Matthew

We kept see Pluto the whole time but he would never come to our table, then we realized that he stands in an area just for pictures. So after breakfast we stopped by to see him :) I would totally pay again to go here, it was well worth it (now I sound like a food critic)