Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy 7th Matthew!

Today is Matthew's 7th Birthday! I love this kid! He is the sweetest little boy. I have loved having him around. He loves playing a game called dragon fable on the computer and for his birthday asked if we could get him the Dragon Amulet that gives you access to more wepons ect. Justin was laughing at how is has a son that is a level 9 Dragon Warrior! :) Some of his other favorite things are: Sports, Bakugaun, Wii, Spaghetti, DS, Swimming, Blue and many more. I love you buddy!! Enjoy the slide show I posted above!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Returned with Honor

Our Nephew Tyler came home from his mission in Washington today. We all made signs on Sunday to get ready. It was fun waiting for him to get off the plane. The kids had a great time holding the signs and cheering. Jayden, Alyssa and Alex holding the RM sign.
Kiley and Mckenzie

Travis, Ashley, Matthew and Abby. The funny thing about the sign Travis is holding is Tyler was really shy and when he would see a cute girl, he would say "Hey will you go ask her out for me?" So we had Travis hold this sign and point the arrow at Ashley (who is his girlfriend) Maybe you had to be there, but we thought it was pretty funny.

Here's Tyler coming down the escalator. He is the last missionary you see. Notice Troy behind him? He used his airport badge to go to the gate and see Tyler get off the plane.

Barbara was so excited to see him.

He told Travis that it looked like he had a shrunken head! (Travis has lost a lot of weight since Tyler left...Good job Travis!)

Tyler meeting his new sister Rachel. (only in Utah!) Notice the girls shoving the sign in Tyler's face to read!


The whole family. Welcome home Tyler!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Mckenzie did her end of Year recital on June 17th. They danced to Fabulous from High school Musical 2. This is her dress rehearsal because I am a bad mom and forgot the camera the night of the recital...
She kept picking up lint off the floor. It's hard to remember that she is just barley 4 along with Zoe on the right, the rest of the girls are 5 going into Kindergarten. Mckenzie and Zoe are just tall girls :) I trieed to post a little video that I took with my camera, but I guess it is bigger than 100MB and I don't know how to size it down. I'm bummed because it was cute!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Matthew wanted to play baseball this year. At first he wanted no help from Justin. He wasn't hitting the ball without having to use the T. He finally decided to let Justin work with him. They played in the backyard for over an hour and Matthew was hitting the ball like a pro. After that he only needed the T one time. He had a lot of fun and got a HUGE trophy when it was done. He was really excited about that part. He has all of Justin's old trophy's in his room and he was happy to replace one with his own. He played on the Rockies. His favorite baseball team is the Yankees, so it was funny when they actually played the Yankees to see his reaction when we would tell him beat the Yankees!
He was the only one on the team that would not slide into home base. Every time he would be running home we would all tell him to slide and he would just go touch it and run back to the dugout.

Hitting the ball

He was tired of me going into the dugout and taking pictures.

He got to play on the same team with his cousin Colton. They had a lot of fun. We can't wait for next season.