Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Christmas

Here is our Holiday rundown! My Mom invited us up to her house for Christmas Eve. We had a lot of fun. We had a nice dinner and played the white elephant gift game. Then we had a special visitor drop by on his way out to deliver toys. Santa jumped off the roof and came in the back door with a bag of presents for all the kids!! (P.J.'s) :)
The kids thought it was pretty cool. Matthew sat first.

Kenzie was acting all shy. But she can't fool him, he knows everything!
So I spoke too soon when I said in the earlier post that Carson was our first kid not to cry on Santa's lap. I think it had a lot to do with him being tired. :)

We had to beg Alyssa to go and sit on his lap. You know she is too cool for that now!

All the kids posing in their new P.J.'s from Santa. Even my 19 year old sister likes to be one of the kids still and get her own jammies!

Carson didn't really care Christmas morning. I think we woke him up too early

The kids once again got spoiled! We always tell them they are not going to get as much the next year and they always get them same or more. Alyssa loves penguins. oops Santa left the price tag on!

Mckenzie has wanted a DS since the older 2 last year. So this was her year.

I thought it was funny when Matthew asked for a Rubik's cube, but he got one.

Alyssa has wined about this game for 6 months. When we first got guitar hero, we got Aerosmith, but the guitar was jacked up so we took it back and they only had Legends of Rock. Ever since Alyssa always says "why did you have to get rid of that one???" So Santa found the software at the day after Thanksgiving sales for $4.99!!! That's right!!

We hope everyone had a great holiday season!! Now it is back to the normal everyday life. But that means closer to Summer!! Yeah no more snow!!! :)