Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Dance recital

This year my girls were in a total of 7 yes 7 dances! It was crazy. I learned that I couldn't take a picture of them in each of their costumes because they would have to change since they danced in 5 songs. So I got what I could and learned what I need to do for the summer recital.
Mckenzie was in 3 dances. Ballet, I got a picture (her dances were farther apart, it was Alyssa I didn't get) Pre-company & Tumbling (which isn't really dancing :) but cute) Here is Mckenzie in her Ballet costume.

She looks like she is tired. This is her Pre-company costume. I was so proud. She did so good. I was nervous that she hadn't been paying attention, but it looked like she did.
Alyssa in her "Shake" costume. She was in 4 dances. Cheer, Hip Hop, Jazz & Pre-Company. She did awesome too. She is getting so good.
Mckenzie in her tumbling costume with her friend Madi.
Alyssa and her cousin Alex
Kenzie, Alyssa & Claire after the recital was over. I am so proud of the girls!!

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